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First step in applying for scholarship is to complete your application. It takes approximately 40 minutes to do this.
After submission, you will receive an email. Wait for the response, do not share your financial information with anyone. Scholarship Council never calls you, if you receive any call repot it immediately by writing us an email. Successful applicants will be interviewed by official portal. Nobody can influence to get you scholarship, do not pay any money.

Important before you start your application.

i- Choose the programme of your interest.
ii- Gather your documents before you start.
iii- Review the instructions and FAQs.

Additional Information

Write Down your application ID. You need it till the final outcome. You will need your ID to access your application again. Scholarship Council Canada will process your application on a first come first serve basis. You can apply only in one discipline in a year. More than one application by the same applicant will lead towards disqualification.

Take your time, if you are unable to complete your application, use to the option save and exit. If you required more assistance carefully read FAQs.
****Kindly be patient while applying as it may take little longer depending on your internet speed connection. *****

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